Затворени тендери 2019

Publication reference Project title Publication date Deadline for submission Status
EuropeAid/139114/IH/WKS/RS Construction of Intermodal Terminal in Batajnica (Belgrade)

22/07/2017 28/02/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/139498/DH/SUP/RS Supply of IT equipment and software for the establishment of a single ”National centralized criminal intelligence system” (NCIS)

16/02/2018 18/02/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/139819/DH/SER/RS EU for Serbia – Support for Safer Products – Strengthening Capacities of National Quality Infrastructure and Market Surveillance Authorities

04/08/2018 11/03/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/140162/DD/SUP/RS EU for Serbia – Supply of ICT equipment for Judicial Academy

25/02/2019 29/03/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/140223/DD/WKS/RS Construction, rehabilitation and completion of sports facilities

05/04/2019 05/06/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/139995/DH/SER/RS Media Trips – EU and Serbia

04/12/2018 10/06/2019 Closed
EuropeAid/139786/DH/SUP/RS Joint Forest fire monitoring and suppression in Western Serbia

17/07/2018 05/03/2019 Cancelled
EuropeAid/139372/DH/SUP/RS Supply of IT equipment and software for improvement of case management systems for the Prosecutors’ Offices and the administration for the enforcement of criminal sanctions

12/12/2017 01/02/2019 Closed