2017-2018 EFFE labels awarded


The European Festivals Association, Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe project holder, announced the list of 2017-2018 EFFE label recipients. Following a thorough evaluation carried out by national experts and the European jury, which made the final decision, 46 festivals from across the Western Balkans became a part of a large network of European festivals and holders of EFFE quality label.

Jovanka Visekruna Jankovic, Art Director of the ArtLink Festival, a partner of the European Festivals Association in the project, said that the international jury offered a number of festivals a chance to become a part of a new festival community and thrive in it.

Impressed by festivals’ commitment to European festival movement, not only did the jury recognise the most outstanding festivals in Europe, but also invited them to join the festival movement for peace, solidarity, art, artists and open discussion.

The international jury of the European Festivals Association explained the criteria applied in deciding the holders of 2017-2018 EFFE label:

“The EFFE label is committed to ethical generosity, that is the impalpable aspect of arts in Europe. This year, the jury took an inclusive stand in deciding the EFFE family of festivals, accepting its diversity: from commercial, tourist and artistic to renowned international festivals and amateur efforts, guided by festivals’ commitment to humane and inclusive society. Recognising the fact that the EFFE label would need further focus, the jury is confident of common EFFE goals: embracing and breathing in Europe as an idea of unity, mutual understanding and responsibility towards the world.”

Following an open call to take part in the contest, hundreds of festivals applied and fulfilled the criteria.

The recipients of label offer a wide range of genres and activities to their audiences.

The EFFE label is awarded to the following festivals in Serbia:

  1. ArtLink Festival of Young Talents
  2. Belgrade Design Week
  3. Guitar Art Festival
  4. Cinema City Festival
  5. Electe Subotica
  6. Palic European Film Festival
  7. Belgrade Saxpirience Festival
  8. Organ Days
  9. Green Fest
  10. International Harp Festival
  11. International Theatre Festival “SLAVIJA”
  12. Joy of Europe
  13. NOMUS
  14. Nusicijada Festival
  15. Operosa Festival
  16. Subotica International Festival of Children’s Theatres
  17. Summer3p Palic Music Festival
  18. Kragujevac International Jazz Festival
  19. “Krokodil” Festival
  20. Poetry Festival “Trgni se! Poezija!”
  21. Sombor Theatre Festival
  22. Zmaj Children’s Games
  23. Nova Festival
  24. Kragujevac Festival of Chamber Choirs
  25. Gitarijada in Zajecar
  26. International Folklore Festival ORFEO
  27. “Biserna grana” Festival
  28. “BABY EXIT” Festival
  29. Belgrade Irish Festival
  30. FESTar Dancing Days

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