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Project Activities
Instagram Europe!

From 1 to 31 January share your photos from travel through the countries of the European Union on the Instagram network, and in February the best three photos will be voted and their authors will get cameras.

News from Brussels
Commission tables proposals on animal cloning

A temporary ban on using the cloning technique on farmed animals as well as on the placing on the market live animal clones and embryo clones is foreseen in the first draft Directive. The second draft Directive ensures that food such as meat or milk from animal clones is not placed on the EU market.

EU enlargement: priorities for 2014

Presenting the annual Enlargement Package, Commissioner Štefan Füle said: “Enlargement is a process in the making and despite the economic crisis it is a good policy – it constitutes part of the solution. Enlargement continues to be one of the most effective EU policies…”.

Success Stories
Wood: the way forward

The wood industry in Serbia has great potential for development. The country has a plentiful supply of high quality raw base materials and a pool of workers skilled in processing wood to form finished wood products, furniture and paper. In recent years, however, this sector of the country’s economy has been hampered by outdated equipment, scattered resources and a lack of expertise in the latest sector-specific skills, such as computer-aided design and manufacturing and coating.