The Youth Voice Must be Heard


During the 4th Regional Youth Leaders Forum, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, Sem Fabrizi said that young people are the largest voting body and support the ideas of ​​the European Union.

He spoke at a panel session “Quo Vadis, EUrope?” with the Ambassador of Germany, Thomas Schib. The challenges facing the European Union have been a major front for discussion.

“The biggest challenges remain climate change, a sustainable economy, migration, and EU enlargement. How to respond to these challenges? The system already exists, it takes time. Also, the voice of the people is important. It is important that young people are mostly for the EU. Their voice would be should be heard, ” Ambassador Fabrizi stated.

The panel was followed by a final plenary session – “Western Balkans in 2030 – Visions. Wishes. Realities.” The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, spoke.

Prime Minister Brnabic told the young people of the Western Balkans that they have a generation of politicians in important positions who are “ready to change things”, but that if they do not see it themselves, they will miss the chance to change things together.

“More critical thinking is needed to look at and understand how much the region and the countries of the region have changed in the last five or six years. in their own countries and what it takes to change for young people to stay and some to return, “Prime Minister Brnabic said.

Northern Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has told young people that they should stay in their country and participate in creating reforms.

“How can we know what young people need if they do not speak clearly and loudly about it? The question is whether young people will cope with the problems and speak without hesitation or whether they will go to Western European countries, where they will be richer but not happier. No one will give you progress, you have to fight for it yourself. History says that it is the young people who have led the development processes in the country, “Zaev said.

Young leaders from the region, participants of this year’s Forum, had the opportunity to discuss with the Presidents of Serbia, Slovenia and Northern Macedonia, the Prime Ministers of Serbia and Northern Macedonia, Sarajevo Canton, as well as the mayors of Novi Sad, Ljubljana and Tirana, and EU representatives.

The Fourth Regional Youth Leaders Forum is organized by the European Movement in Serbia – Local Council of Novi Sad and the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, with the support of the Provincial Government, the City of Novi Sad, the Regional Cooperation Council, the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation, the Polish Chairmanship of the Berlin Process and the German Organization for International Cooperation (GIZ).


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