Information corner for potential exporters to the EU

The EU Trade helpdesk – your online guide to access the EU market

What is it?

The EU Trade Helpdesk is a free online service created primarily to support interested exporters in third countries. It contains up-to-date essential information regarding all kinds of formalities that exporters need to be aware of to export to the EU market. The online database delivers country- and product-specific data in several languages.

What should every potential exporter to the EU know?

There is no mystery about how to access the EU market. The European Commission put in place a free internet tool including all the essential information the potential exporters may need. It is much more than a tariff database. Companies considering exports to the EU can check in a few clicks:

  • Duties they pay at EU customs.
  • Health, safety, marketing and technical standards their products need to meet.
  • Rules and proofs of origin: how to declare the economic nationality of their product when claiming duty discounts.
  • Internal taxes applied in the importing country.
  • Forms to send with their shipments.
  • Trade statistics related to their products.

The Export Helpdesk website and database are accessible from all around the world free of charge.