Mogherini: Clear commitment to the Western Balkans region


Following the meeting of the Foreign Affairs Council, EU High Representative/Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini told the press that the Council had a very extensive debate on EU-Western Balkans relations, particularly in view of preparations for the Sofia Summit.

„We restated our clear engagement and commitment to the region as a whole, our six partners there, and the perspective of the enlargement process. Enlargement is, as you know, not an issue for the Foreign Ministers, but still there was a clear indication of support for the Strategy that the Commission presented a few months ago and the continued work that we do with the Western Balkans, in the interest of the European Union and of the European Union Member States, to increase cooperation and to highlight credibility, strong credibility to the European Union accession path for the region.“

Read Mogherini’s integral press statement here


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