Ambassador Fabrizi visits café that employs children from Drop-in Shelter


Mr Sem Fabrizi, Ambassador and Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, will visit the Kafe-bar „16“ on Thursday, March 14. Kafe-bar „16“ is an object which, as a part of the Center for Youth Integration (CYI), employs the children from Drop-in Shelter. This café is a result of efforts aimed at enabling better social inclusion and integration of the children and increasing their chances in the labour market.

The establishment of the social enterprise of the cafe “16” has been initiated with the aim to help children from the Drop-in Shelter at the moment when they are the most vulnerable – when they lose the right to benefit from this type of assistance. The Social Enterprise has been launched by the Citizens Association CYI which advocates for better social integration of children living or working in the streets, as well as for creating a support system for each vulnerable child.

The plan is to make the café self-sustainable through the provision of its services, but also to use it as an opportunity for those leaving the Drop-in Shelter to become more involved in social affairs, thus setting an example to others in their situation.

Apart from securing the roof over their heads, CYI also provides educational assistance, from preschool age to the end of elementary school.  Experience proves that the educational system is the best way for social inclusion. The Delegation of the European Union financially supported the Drop-in Shelter until 2017 and continues to provide support for such ventures.

Ambassador Fabrizi is going to have a coffee with the staff at the café and children who are currently beneficiaries of Drop-in Shelter. He is going to discuss with them their plans, desires and ambitions, find out what their day at work or day at school looks like, and what challenges they are facing.


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