Europe Day: Concert and reception at Kombank Hall


On the occasion of Europe Day, Thursday, 9 May, the EU Delegation to Serbia will host a reception and a concert at the Kombank Hall, in order to celebrate 69th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, which laid the foundation for the EU.

The reception will be hosted by Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi, and attended by representatives of the Government of Serbia, Member States embassies, among others. Apart from the reception, a concert will be staged as well, led by children’s choir and orchestra Music of Hope. The project is spearheaded by Music Art Project.

One of the Music Art Project’s goals is to facilitate quality education in music, helping children to lead happy, courageous and self-assured lives by actively shaping their own futures. The network of ensembles, set up at the local, regional and national levels, are called Orchestras and Music of Hope.

This is also part of the international programme El Sistema, aimed at inciting social change and empowering young people to – through practicing music as part of the system of orchestras and choirs – develop skills and qualities that will help them become compassionate and proactive members of the society, contributing to the development of their communities and culture.

Music of Hope will on Thursday be joined by Bajaga i Instruktori, Vasil Hadžimanov and numerous other artists. Media accreditations are compulsory and can be obtained through no later than Wednesday at 15:00.

The reception and concert mark the beginning of the #EUzaTebe campaign. More information on the campaign can be found here.


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