“#EUzaTebe – Let’s Talk about Environment”


The Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and the project Reinforced Implementation of Visibility and Communication Activities of IPA Programmes organise a debate “#EUzaTebe – Let’s Talk about Environment” which will be held in the EU Info Centre Belgrade (Kralja Milana 7), on Wednesday, 12 June 2019, from 12.30 to 14.00.

The debate is organised in the framework of the campaign “Look around you. Just Move”, aimed to raise the awareness on the importance of environment protection. It will be the first event of the campaign which is to be implemented throughout Serbia from 12 June to mid-July.  The campaign will be implemented by the Delegation of the EU to Serbia, in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration and the Ministry of Environment Protection.

The European Union is the first partner to Serbia in improving the environment and striving to achieve European standards, for the benefits of Serbian citizens. At the same time, the EU is assisting Serbian authorities in alignment of national legislation with the EU acquis.

What is the current state of play and where Serbia stands in its efforts to ensure environmental protection and achieve European standards? How to increase National Budget and improve capacity of Serbia to absorb funds from Donors for improved environmental protection? Representatives of the government and of the civil society will present their respective opinions.

Keynote speakers: Program Manager from EU Delegation Antoine Avignon, Sandra Milićević Sperlić from the Ministry of Environment Protection, Coordinator of Working group 27 of National Convention for the EU, Mrs Nataša Đereg and a representative of the Coalition 27, Mr Stevan Vujasinović.

An open debate will be possible to follow via live stream of the event and interactions on social media platforms. The audiences in the EU Info Point Novi Sad and EU Info Point Niš will be able to participate in the debate during the live stream of the event.

Since the year of 2000, the European Union has donated more than EUR400 million to environment protection in Serbia. In cooperation with the Serbian government, local self-government units and civil society organisations, various projects were implemented, aimed to secure cleaner air, water and soil for Serbian citizens. More information can be found in the info graphic.


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