Foreign Affairs Council confirms EU support for European perspective of Western Balkans


EU Foreign Ministers seized the opportunity to discuss the Western Balkans.

Following a year of very intensive relations between the EU and the Western Balkans, ministers had an opportunity to take stock of the EU’s engagement and cooperation with the region. They reaffirmed the EU’s unequivocal commitment to the European perspective of the Western Balkans. They also recalled their expectations for the next steps in the region’s progress on its European path, in particular on rule of law and fight against corruption.

Ministers discussed the latest developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, following-up on their exchanges at the previous Foreign Affairs Council, and recalled the need to form governments on all levels and to engage in making progress on the reform agenda. They also highlighted the importance of supporting efforts to implement the Prespa agreement between Skopje and Athens. Ministers expressed their support for the EU’s strong focus on the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. In this context, they also voiced their concerns over the Kosovo government decision to increase the tariffs tax on goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzgovina to 100%, in clear violation of the Central European Free Trade Agreement, reads the statement issued following the meeting.


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