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Access to EU funds does not require intermediaries. All relevant information about the projects is available on this website and on the website of the European Commission. Information on future projects can be obtained from the European Commission Delegation in the Republic of Serbia.

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    To apply to calls for proposals under direct management (managed by Delegations), applicants must register in the PADOR online database, and submit applications in the PROSPECT online platform. The aim of PROSPECT is to increase the efficiency of the management of calls for proposals and to offer a better service to civil society organisations and applicants through a new panel of functionalities such as on-line submission and the possibility to follow up online the status of applications. For further information, please visit
Publication reference Project title Publication date Deadline for submission Status
EuropeAid/139116/DH/SER/RS Study on modalities to include electricity from RES into the distribution network and smart grids

25/07/2017 Forecast

22/07/2017 Forecast
EuropeAid/139025/DH/SER/RS Development of system for management of Cohesion Policy Location – Republic of Serbia

27/06/2017 OPEN
EuropeAid/138989/DH/SUP/RS Supply of video, audio and IT equipment for strengthening the capacity of the Internal Affairs Sector (IAS) of the Ministry of Interior

13/06/2017 OPEN

03/04/2017 19/05/2017 Open
EuropeAid/138858/DH/SER/RS Support to media reforms in Republic of Serbia

28/03/2017 31/07/2017 Open
Call for expression of interest
EUD Reference: Ares(2017)1495623
(Local publication)
20/03/2017 16:00h CET on
EuropeAid/138101/DH/SER/RS Support to Public Administration Reform visibility and communication under the PAR Sector Reform Contract

31/05/2016 Open

To apply for this Call for Proposals, please use this link and click on “Apply” button.

Provision to the improvement of living conditions of IDPs and returnees from readmission process in Serbia and support to the sustainable return to Kosovo*

02/03/2017 18/04/2017 Open
EuropeAid/138350/DH/SER/RS Enhancing the quality and efficiency of Suspicious Transactions Reporting (STR) and Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering (APML) core functions

08/09/2016 13/03/2017 Open

To apply for this Call for Proposals, please use this link and click on “Apply” button.

Support to health, communal and social services in Serbian municipalities hosting migrants and refugees

30/01/2017 OPEN
EuropeAid/138439/DH/SER/RS Design of an efficient support system 112 for the Republic of Serbia

22/10/2016 Forecast
EuropeAid/138440/DH/SER/RS Improving Capacities of the Prison Administration in the area of Alternative Sanctions, Post Penal care and Healthcare

22/10/2016 15/09/2017 Open
EuropeAid/138412/DH/SUP/RS Supply of equipment for Serbian Probation Offices

07/10/2016 Forecast
EuropeAid/138188/DH/SER/RS Design and implementation of final exam and matura at the end of secondary education thorough strengthening capacities of relevant bodies and institutions, developing legislation and exam materials, promotion and piloting of final examinations Loca

28/06/2016 06/07/2017 Open
EuropeAid/138038/DH/SER/RS Capacity building for the alignment with the acquis in the areas of agriculture, rural development, food safety, veterinary and phytosanitary policy

03/05/2016 26/06/2017 Open
EuropeAid/138052/DH/SER/RS Support to the Ministry of Finance under the PAR Sector Reform Contract

03/05/2016 21/08/2017 Open
EuropeAid/137986/DH/SER/RS Reinforced implementation of visibility and communication activities of IPA programmes

05/04/2016 06/10/2016 Closed
EuropeAid/137976/DH/WKS/RS Regional reconstruction and improvement of flood protection infrastructure in the Sava River Basin

01/04/2016 Open
EuropeAid/151767/DD/ACT/RS Civil Society Facility Programme 2015

22/03/2016 06/05/2016 Cancelled
EuropeAid/137423/DH/SUP/RS Mobile drinking water treatment plants

11/08/2015 Forecast
EuropeAid/137100/DH/SUP/RS Electrical equipment for the reaction in emergency situations

08/05/2015 26/05/2017 OPEN
Joint EU/CoE Project “Promoting Human Rights and Minority Protection” 20/08/2014 OPEN
EuropeAid/136034/DH/ACT/Multi Civil Society Facility, Operating Grants to IPA CSO Associations – Support to regional thematic associations

27/06/2014 29.09.2014 OPEN
EuropeAid/135826/DH/SUP/RS Supply of mobile equipment for Subotica Regional Waste Management Center (RWMC).

06/05/2014 Forecast
EuropeAid/135815/DH/SUP/RS “Supply of road weather information systems

24/04/2014 OPEN
EuropeAid/134184/C/SER/RS Support to civil service reform

19/03/2013 OPEN
EuropeAid/133966/C/SER/RS Support for further development of e-Government

01/02/2013 OPEN
EuropeAid/133973/C/WKS/RS Construction of the regional waste management centre for Kolubara district – “Kalenic”

31/01/2013 OPEN
EuropeAid/133853/C/SER/RS Institutional Capacity Building and support to Agriculture and Rural Development for IPARD implementation. – Development of a LPIS for farm support mechanisms and rural development programmes.

30/01/2013 OPEN
EuropeAid/133787/C/SUP/RS Development of the capacity to manage the Human Resource system at the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia

16/01/2013 OPEN