„Priroda u pozitivu“ Exhibition Opened


An exhibition showing the best works from the photo contest “Nature in Positive” opened at the Belgrade Youth Center as part of the 10th Green Fest. The competition was organized by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and the National Geographic magazine in Serbian. All photos will be available to the audience until October 18, and after that, the exhibition will be staged in Novi Sad and Niš.

During the opening ceremony, awards to the authors of the works that stood out from the 3,100 photographs were presented by the Head of Information, Communication and Media of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Paul Henry Pressett, and Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic Serbia, Igor Rill. In the competition of camera work, Geza Farkas won first place, Jan Valo was second, while Zoran Milutinovic also took the place on the podium. The most impressive mobile phone photo is the work of Jana Kotnik.

“To tell you honestly, I prefer mosquitoes and animals rather than humans, so it wasn’t a problem for me to wait for hours to wait for a moment. But I say, when there is love, it’s not a problem,” Farkas says.

“This, to me, under the auspices of National Geography, is something remarkable about nature. One of my biggest acknowledgments so far,” Valo points out.

“Taking this type of photography, even more than dealing with other types of photography, simply allows you to see more than usual. Until I started taking photographs, many things went unnoticed by me, now it’s completely different. And of course, I enjoy it. “, explains Milutinovic.

The three photographers were rewarded with vouchers for the purchase of photo equipment, which will help them to further document the beauty of Serbia, while the best photo with a mobile phone is a gimbal prize.

Sustainable economic and social development, while preserving nature for future generations and combating climate change, is a key concept the European Union is committed to, says Pressett.

“Serbia is a land of incredible natural beauties. In looking at these photos I also discovered a few that I didn’t even know existed, such as Slano Kopovo, from the winning photo or what the view from the top of Trem on Suva Mountain looks like, which I will definitely visit,” says Pressett.

He adds that he is particularly pleased that the exhibition is part of the Green Fest with which the Delegation has been cooperating for the last 6 years, and that the significance of this manifestation is multifaceted because it raises people’s awareness and further informs them in terms of preserving the nature and environment in which we live.

Rill says that despite the great competition, during the jury the quality stood out very quickly.

“What is new to all of us through this competition is that we, who are daily attached to photography, have different and even unexpected photographic affinities, but that is just the quality of these exhibitions and the jury process itself,” explains Rill.

After the beginning of the exhibition, the official opening of the festival was held, and after the speech, the guests were able to see the movie “The Great Green Wall”.


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