“Caring About Nature Can Go Together with Fun”


Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi, President of the Government of the Vojvodina Province, Igor Mirović, and the Chairman of the Executive Board of the EXIT Foundation, Ivan Petrović, visited the OPENS zone at the EXIT festival, promoting the planting of trees in several municipalities in Vojvodina.

The plan is to plant 10,000 trees, in which organizers will need the help of volunteers with a responsible attitude towards the environment. To date, more than 500 volunteers have applied for it, and we hope that this number will be even greater in the coming days and weeks, Ambassador Fabrizi said.

“The European Union is very committed to protecting the environment and has already done a lot with the authorities in Serbia. We have activities related to recycling, waste disposal, with the situation at the landfills, and now we have special activities in Novi Sad”, the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia said.

He adds that environmental protection, besides being good for nature, creates new jobs and that the EU is the largest donor in this field, with 400 million euros invested.

The Provincial Government partner is a European Union in the fight for environmental protection and can learn a lot from European examples, says the head of that institution, Igor Mirović.

“We promote ideas that do not have an alternative to our lives, these are the ideas that must generally change our country in the areas that concern us all”, Mirović says.

This action in a creative way attracts young people to be interested in environmental protection, explains Ivan Petrović from the EXIT Foundation.

“Young people want to get involved if they get the right opportunity. We have big actions in Vojvodina, so we are here tonight. We are doing 100 percent recycling of plastic and all cans at Exit, and we have put ecological topics in the focus of this year’s festival campaign”, Petrović says.

Guests of the EXIT Tree Zone walked on the canvas on which the tree branches were drawn and symbolically started the greening of Vojvodina. After that, they visited other booths in the OPENS State of Exit Zone and were able to get acquainted with the work of youth organizations and other interesting contents in this part of the festival. Novi Sad is the European Youth Capital for 2019.

It is still not too late that the visitors of the biggest music festival in the region visit OPENS and Tree Zone, where they can apply for participation in the action itself in autumn. Participants of planting gain the opportunity to win tickets for EXIT 2020.

The canvas with painted wood will be set up in Novi Sad and other towns after the festival and will aim to invite citizens to join the action.

The OPENS State of the EXIT Zone is located above the tunnel at the Petrovaradin Fortress, across the Reggae Stage. Anyone interested in planting trees can apply by filling out the electronic form on the link https://www.exitfondacija.org/treezone.

Return to nature – Join us and plant the tree!


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