Economic empowerment of women in Serbia


Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi stated that Serbia is once again becoming the regional leader, which is confirmed by the 16 contracts that were presented today for the implementation of the first projects in the field of economic empowerment of women worth RSD 30mn as part of the IPA 2016 programme worth EUR 2mn.

“Thanks to these contracts, 2,000 women will complete special training for developing business opportunities in agriculture, selling agricultural products in the market,” Fabrizi stated after, together with Minister Jadranka Joksimoivc, he presented contracts to representatives of the civil society and municipalities of Aleksinac, Knjazevac, Krusevac, Sabac, Temerin, Tutin, Uzice and Zitiste. According to him, the contracts are part of the agreement reached on March 8 with ministers Joksimovic and Zorana Mihajlovic.

“This is the first project implemented in this way in the region, which shows that Serbia is once again becoming the leader in this part of Europe. Many countries are observing this project and Serbia and they strive to launch one as well,” Fabrizi said.

“There is no equality without economic empowerment and development. This is why the goal of this project is to teach women special skills,” Fabrizi said.

He added that the introduction of gender equality in all IPA projects is coordinated by Minister Joksimovic and pointed out the importance of direct cooperation with local NGOs.

Assistant Minister Veljko Kovacevic stated that gender equality takes a prominent position on the agenda of the Government of Serbia, which was recognized by the European Commission which supports economic empowerment and employment of women through IPA funds.


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