EU supports development of detailed regulation plans with EUR255,000


Out of 28 applications submitted under the public call which ran from 25 April to 11 June 2018, 19 have been approved for funding. The projects include formulation of detailed regulation plans covering the areas with economic activity-generating potential, such as Greenfield and brownfield sites, popular tourist areas and protected natural and cultural assets.

In nine local self-governments (Dimitrovgrad, Kraljevo, Kucevo, Merosina, Pirot, Raca, Raska, Topola and Vlasotince) the projects are aimed at improving the public infrastructure in industrial, manufacturing and commercial areas of said municipalities. Six projects (in Blace, Čajetina, Surdulica, Velika Plana, Veliko Gradište and Zaječar) should help to create conditions for further development of tourism areas, while projects in Arandjelovac, Leskovac, Majdanpek and Uzice will enable valorisation of protected natural and cultural assets.

By developing the plans, the local self-governments should also meet additional requirements introduced by the EU PRO, in line with existing legal framework, in order to improve the quality and implementability of the plans, including the mandatory formulation of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment.

Find the list of approved projects here.

The European Union supports activities of the EU PRO, a programme aimed at promoting a more balanced socio-economic development of Serbia, with a total of EUR25 million. The programme seeks to improve competitiveness of micro and small enterprises and the business environment and to advance social cohesion in 99 local self-governments in two Serbian regions: Sumadija and Western Serbia, and Southern and Eastern Serbia. All activities on the ground are implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).


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