For the Krivokapić family from Kula, life became happier and more peaceful after they got the opportunity to live in a reconstructed house provided by the local self-government as part of the European Union’s support for social housing and active inclusion. This step brings them not only a roof over their heads, but also a chance for a better and safer future. 

Mother Štefica and daughter Katarina shared their experience with us. 

A lot has changed in our life. Since we started working in the workshop, we became happier, smiling, more confident. We don’t have to think about how we will survive from the beginning till the end of each month, Štefica said. 

This story is an example of how the support of the community, local authorities and the European Union can significantly affect the lives of the most vulnerable families, for whom this type of assistance is very important. 

The key part of the transformation is the house that the Krivokapić family received thanks to the European Union and the program “European Union Support for Social Housing and Active Inclusion” (EU SHAI). The reconstructed house is not only a roof over your head, but also a symbol of a new beginning. With the support of local organizations, the Krivokapić family received furniture and household appliances, which created the conditions for a comfortable life. 

Štefica further pointed out: It means a lot to us that we got a house from the European Union, we have made a lot of progress. A lot has happened in a short time. We received furniture, household appliances and a kitchen. Now we have a yard so we can keep dogs and chickens. We also have a garden and we are very grateful to everyone who participated in this project. 

In addition to the housing arrangement, the Krivokapić family also received psychosocial support, training for active job search, as well as support in writing their CVs and applying for jobs. 

The story of Štefica and Katarina is not only a story about a house, but also about a community that takes care of its members and provides support to those who need it the most. Social housing projects like this show that with joint efforts and support from local authorities and the European Union, we can bring a brighter future to families struggling with social challenges. 

In order to improve living conditions, in a sustainable and responsible manner, for the most vulnerable women and men, girls and boys who live in inadequate and unsafe conditions throughout Serbia, the “European Union Support for Social Housing and Active Inclusion” (EU SHAI) program was launched.  EU SHAI was designed to implement social inclusion policies and provide sustainable housing solutions that are accompanied by active inclusion measures for the most vulnerable population. The European Union (EU) allocated 27 million euros for a project that the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is implementing in 19 cities and municipalities throughout Serbia, in order to provide more than 380 families with a roof over their heads and support for active inclusion.