First stage of Bajmok crossing point construction completed thanks to EU support


The construction of Bajmok border crossing between Serbia and Hungary, worth EUR2.1 million, is in full swing. EUR 1.8 million have been allocated from the pre-accession funds, whereas slightly more than EUR300,000 have been provided through national co-funding. The Customs Administration took over the financing of necessary pre-construction preparations.

The construction of the new Bajmok border crossing, located halfway between Subotica and Sombor, will unburden the most frequent crossings in north of the country – Horgos and Kelebija – from which it is only a few dozen kilometres away.

Passengers will make the most of the new border crossing as the project envisages construction of two new traffic lanes upon entering and two upon exiting the country, which will significantly improve passenger traffic with neighbouring Hungary. During high seasons, when the influx of foreign tourists is at its peak, the newly built crossing will be an important alternative route, which many will opt for.

As before, Bajmok will be kept free of freight traffic. However, a significant increase in bus and car traffic is expected, especially having in mind the ideal location of the crossing point, situated on the shortest route to a number of European cities, such as Vienna.

The fact that the newly built crossing will be completely identical to the one on the Hungarian side, leaves room for introduction of 24-hour service which has not been the case before.

Also, the upgrade of the Bajmok crossing point will improve the work of border services, customs and police, as the project foresees that the crossing be built in keeping with the highest standards, including the construction of offices intended for border services, which will enable them to carry out their work uninterruptedly.

The construction will last 18 months and is expected to be finished in late 2018. Until then, the old crossing will temporarily be moved to the vicinity of the new one.

The reconstruction works are being carried out by a Serbian enterprise Modulor, while a French company Safege is in charge of supervision and quality control.

The money allocated for the construction of the new Bajmok border crossing is just a fraction of the EUR6.7 million budget the EU has earmarked for a support project aimed at further modernisation of Serbian Customs Administration and improvement of border management, as well as the application of automated import/export control systems.


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