Reconstruction of Sjenica’s water distribution system comes to end thanks to EU and Switzerland


Asbestos-cement pipes are currently being replaced and a segment of the water supply network relocated in Kralja Petra I Street in Sjenica in the length of 2.4km. The reconstruction of said segment of the water supply network, funded by the European Union and the Swiss Government with nearly EUR100,000 through the European PROGRES Programme, virtually marks the completion of the works aimed at upgrading the water supply system. Once the works have been completed, another 620 households, 40 privately-owned companies and 30 farms would be connected to the new distribution network.

“By replacing asbestos-cement pipes laid in 1960’s, we will obtain a more stable supply. We are also expecting to substantially decrease the loss of water by cutting it by 30 percent,” said Hazbo Mujovic, the President of Sjenica Municipality which had taken part in the project by allocating EUR21,000. He said that thanks to the EU and Switzerland, 1,280 metres of pipeline had been laid and pumps replaced at the Suho polje pumping station.

Upon the completion of works, the citizens of Sjenica will be provided with a steady supply of significantly healthier water.

The works, which should be completed by 1 August, are being carried out by the PUC Vrela from Sjenica.

The European Union and the Government of Switzerland will support the activities of the European PROGRESS programme, which contributes to the sustainable development of the South and South West Serbia, with a total of EUR24.46 million. Approved projects will be aimed at strengthening local administration creating a favourable environment for the development of infrastructure and economy as well as improving the implementation of social inclusion and employment policy. The programme is implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Service (UNOPS).

The municipalities included in the programme are as follows: Novi Pazar, Ivanjica, NovaVaros, Priboj, Prijepolje, Raska, Sjenica and Tutin in South West Serbia, as well as Prokuplje, Blace, Zitoradja, Kursumlija, Leskovac, Bojnik, Vlasotince, Lebane, Medvedja, Crna Trava, Vranje, Bosilegrad, Bujanovac, Vladicin Han, Presevo, Surdulica, Trgoviste, Brus, Aleksinac, Gadzin Han, Doljevac, Merosina, Svrljig, Babusnica, Bela Palanka and Knjazevac in South East Serbia.


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