Serbia: EU reconstructs “Jewel of the Danube”, boosts local economy


The EU is working with the Serbian authorities to support the preservation of monuments which are important to our shared heritage, and boost the local economy. This cooperation help strengthen local communities, providing jobs and contributing to broader prosperity and security, in line with EU’s strong commitment to the development of the Western Balkans.

The 14th century Golubac Fortress, known as the “Jewel of the Danube”, stands on high, steep and rocky cliffs about 4 km downstream from the modern-day Golubac Municipality along the Danube in Eastern Serbia. It is one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in the country representing the entrance to the Djerdap National Park, rich with natural and cultural sites.

In spring 2017, the Fortress attracted some 14,000 tourists – 1.5 times more than the size of local population. Its latest reconstruction was one of 18 projects which are funded by the European Union to help increase the choice available to tourists in the Danube region in Serbia. In turn, these projects created more than 2,000 new jobs in local municipalities and opened up opportunities for progress, local development and better economic prospects in this part of Europe, home to 1,6 million people.

The Danube River passes directly through or by 22 cities and municipalities in Serbia, and is home to over 1.6m people. In these municipalities, the Danube is a great potential for new jobs and growth in transport, agriculture, tourism, utilities and other industries.

The ongoing reconstruction is part of a broader “Socio-Economic Development of the Danube Serbia Region (SEDDSR) project worth €19.5 million, funded and managed jointly by the EU and the Austrian Development Agency. The project promotes socio-economic development opportunities for the Danube-Serbia Region in the context of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, where Serbia is participating with 14 other EU and non-EU countries along the Danube River. This European initiative is focusing on connecting the Danube Region, protecting its environment and building prosperity for its residents.


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