Improving judicial efficiency


A three-day workshop titled “Exchange of good practice, enforcement department work organisation,” participated in by judges and judicial staff of Sombor, Smederevo and Krusevac basic courts, was held in Zrenjanin within the EU-funded project “Improving judicial efficiency”.

According to Zlatoje Ankic, the President of the Zrenjanin Basic Court, the participants in the workshop were working on a case study in order to find the best models of cooperation with external institutions and enforcement on the ground and help them to further improve the efficiency of their enforcement departments.

“We are proud to have implemented the 2016 backlog reduction program, enforcement proceedings in particular. By 31 December 2016, we managed to reduce the number of backlog proceedings by 63 percent, meaning that we doubled the initially foreseen number of cases.”

As announced, the cooperation in the implementation of project activities continues in 2017.

“Recommendations and conclusions made by the team working to improve judicial efficiency for the Zrenjanin Basic Court were fed into the 2017 backlog reduction programme.”

Backlog reduction, harmonisation of case law, making improvements to courts and public prosecutors offices’ performance are some of the areas covered by the EU-funded programme.

Project activities kicked off in 2016 and are scheduled to run for two years.


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