What is it?

Access2Markets is an online information portal with all you need to know about EU trade agreements, duties, product rules and customs formalities for the EU and for over 120 markets around the world.

Access2Markets is the portal for EU where you can find detailed information on:

  • tariffs
  • rules of origin
  • product requirements
  • customs procedures and formalities
  • VAT/excise duties/sales taxes
  • Trade barriers
  • trade statistics

Who is it for?

Access2Markets is for companies, business organisations, chambers of commerce,  business advisory services such as the Enterprise Europe Network, for Export Promotion Organisations and all other entities who work with and advise companies in exploring export opportunities or where to source goods from outside the EU.

How does it work?

The portal offers a single search window for import and export to look up life data for the to-date applying trade conditions for each product, each trade agreement and arrangement. This product-specific information includes customs formalities, product legislation, the contact details of competent authorities in every country. The portal comes in all 24 official EU languages.

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