We care about Europe, we care about Serbia and its citizens. We are better together – say the Ambassador of the European Union and the Ambassadors of EU Member States to Serbia.

We frequently see and hear from them in the context of political developments, the accession process, reforms, economic cooperation, but we rarely hear “why” the European Union and its Member States invest so much – politically and financially -in Serbia. With this campaign, the European Union and its Member States demonstrate that they care about the same things as the citizens of Serbia – successful agriculture, empowering companies, protecting the environment, improving air quality, transport infrastructure and connectivity, providing energy efficiency and support in overcoming the energy crisis, preserving cultural heritage, improving education and many other topics.

Through concrete examples that matter to them – they show how the lives of citizens is positively impacted thanks to the partnership of the European Union and its Member States with Serbia.

This campaign rests on the idea of unity, partnership, mutual care and commitment. Through messages from the Ambassadors and a series of concrete examples of projects and beneficiaries of EU assistance, the campaign demonstrates the cooperation and support of the European Union in the accession of Serbia to the EU and its ambition to build a better future together.

The EU is recognised as a political and economic union, but what we often forget is that the European Union is also a family of citizens from 27 Member States. The European Union cares about its citizens, but also about the citizens of Serbia, as this campaign clearly conveys.

Because we all belong to the same, European family, the European Union will continue to support the citizens of Serbia, because – WE ARE BETTER TOGETHER!

The campaign is made of a series of TV spots, banners and spots for digital media and Social Media; short interviews with EU and EU Member States Ambassadors and with beneficiaries, as well as billboards.