European Union Delegation in Serbia and National Geographic Srbija are organising the Best Nature and Wildlife Photo Competition „Priroda u pozitivu“. Terms and Conditions of Participation and Privacy Policy for the competition are as following:

  1. Entry fee and organisation.There is no entry fee. The organizer will bear the organisational costs of the competition. The organizer is EUIC Beograd. The competition is open to all photographers and citizens whose main residence is in Serbia. Submissions will be accepted from 25 July 2019 until 20. September 2019, local time. No Submissions made after the deadline will be accepted.
  2. Subjects and judging.Subjects should be drawn from nature and wildlife in Serbia. The jury will award prizes to the top three photos and award the “Special Jury Prize for the Best Photo taken with Cell Phone”. The awards are as following: 1,000 EUR worth photo equipment voucher (first prize), 500 EUR worth photo equipment voucher (second prize) i 300 EUR worth photo equipment voucher (third prize); jury will award special prize for best photo taken with cell phone – the award is Mobile Phone Gimbal; 15 best photos (including first three best photos, and a special jury award best photo) will be printed and exhibited in Dom omladine in Belgrade during the Green Fest; 25 best photos will be published in the European Union Delegation in Serbia and EU Info Centre electronic publication, and on their web pages and social media accounts. First prize winning photo will be published in the Serbian edition of National Geographic. The jury’s decisions are final! Digitally manipulated pictures, pictures of pets or farm animals, pictures of animals or plants taken in controlled conditions (zoo, pen, botanical gardens, studio or similar), and pictures that were not taken in Serbia will not be accepted. Photos that have previously won other contests and photos older than three years will also not be accepted.
  3.  No more than four (4) pictures may be entered per entrant/photographer. Entries may be in the form of digital colour pictures (submitted by email), but no prints, no black and white photographs and no panorama formats. Bear in mind that an excellent technical quality (focus, exposure) is an essential requirement for prize-winning images. Minimum resolution for digital pictures: 6 megapixels (3,000 x 2,100 pixel resolution). Digital pictures must be submitted in two separate files:
  • 1st file: “preview”: jpeg of 1,200 pixel on the long side
  • 2nd file: “high-resolution files”: full-size jpeg of the highest quality (e.g. saved in Adobe Photoshop at quality level 12).

The titles of digital picture files must contain the photographer’s name and the name and number (1-4) of the picture (e.g. PetarPetrovic_PhotographyName_Place_1.jpg).

  1. Digital manipulation.We place a high value on unenhanced records of nature; for this reason, no subsequent modification of a picture or its content is permitted. We allow the standard picture-editing processes applied to the picture as a whole (e.g. tonal value, contrast, brightness, colour, saturation, white balance), minimal cleaning of the image (such as removal of lens dust and marks) and cropping, provided these do not alter the subject of the picture. However, cropping pictures too heavily reduces the resolution. The faithful representation of what was captured at the moment the picture was taken must be preserved. Multiple exposures are allowed if the pictures have been taken at the same place and at almost the same time. Compositions comprising several pictures or material from different pictures, sandwich shots, and photographs that consist in any way of more than one image (such as HDR, stitched panoramas etc.) are not eligible. Adding or removing animals, parts of animals, plants, unwanted elements, people etc. into/from the image is also not allowed. The organisers reserve the right to request the original RAW file from the photographer. For prize-winning photographs this will be required as proof of authenticity and for their reproduction in print. All submitted Photo (s (must not contain any tag(s), signature(s), initial(s), frame, border(s), logo(s) or any other references and/or marks added by the Participant.
  2. List of pictures.The entry must include a list of the pictures in English or Serbian; in the case of digital pictures these must be listed in a separate document as pdf file. In addition to the name, email and address of the photographer, picture title and number (1 to 4), this list must also provide a detailed description of the subject including the following information: date the picture was taken, camera, lens, species, location (region, habitat, nature reserve, zoo, etc.) and further information such as exposure, time of day, setting, atmosphere or similar..
  3. Digital entries must be submitted via No more than four (4) photos per entrant/photographer plus an accompanying list of the pictures may be entered.
  4. Copyright, liability and posting.The copyright for all photos entered must be held by the photographer. The photographer retains the copyright to his/her pictures at all times and his/her name will appear alongside the photo whenever it is published. By entering the competition, the contestant grants the competition organisers the right to use the photos entered free of charge for the following purposes:
  • Exhibitions organised as part of the competition featuring the prize-winning and up to 15 best photos.
  • Coverage of the competition in the competition organisers’ e-publications and on their websites.
  • The use of the photos to advertise the exhibitions in both the organisers’ publications and in press coverage.
  1. Data Protection.The data sent in by competitors is only stored and used by us for the administration of the competition. It is passed onto third parties e.g. to magazine editorial departments, for the purposes of reporting on and publication of the winning pictures. The participant hereby expressly declares him or herself to be in agreement with this.
  2. Rights to pictures may not be held by agencies or publishers. The organisers do not accept any liability for claims of third parties or for damage or loss of pictures, (including while in the post).
  3. The Jury consists of five (5) members:
  • Dragoljub Zamurović, photographer
  • Aleksandar Kelić, assistant professor, Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade
  • Igor Rill, editor, National Geographic Srbija
  • Veljko Radosavljević, audio-visual producer, EU Info Centre
  • David Pujado, Belgrade Photo Month

Please Read and understand below disclaimer before submitting:

I hereby certify that the photo I am about to submit for the #EUzaTebe Best Nature and Wildlife Photo Competition in Serbia “Priroda u pozitivu” is my original work and has never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner. I am entering this photo as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity, and I understand that it will be published as my original work and under my own copyright. I understand that my submission will be reviewed before it is accepted for the contest. If my photo is offensive, artificially enhanced, a studio image, animation/artwork, or of poor image quality, then it may be disqualified. Winners will be notified via email prior to announcement on the web page of the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia.