The Delegation of the European Union to Serbia launched an awareness raising campaign to improve the digital skills of older citizens of Serbia while at the same time offering support to a number of them to master the basic knowledge that will facilitate their communication and use of digital services, communications and other digital resources.

In the era of rapid technological progress, elderly citizens often face numerous challenges in the process of adapting to new technologies, and thus find it harder to fit into social flows. 32.4% of the population 65+ used a computer in the last 12 months, and 44.5% used the Internet in the previous year, according to data from the Republic of Serbia Statistics Institute from 2022, compared to 69.71% in the EU. As a consequence of the digital developments this part of the population remains denied to fully benefit from the benefits of digital services, but also the possibilities of communication and integration with their families and friends.

That is why, with the campaign under the slogan “Everything is easy when you know how” starting today, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia appeals to the public and the younger generations to help the elderly overcome digital challenges and at the same time invites senior citizens to apply for free training on digital skills in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, as well as several other cities in Serbia, which will be implemented from February to June 2024.

In the EU we follow the universal principle to leave no one behind and we therefore strive to work towards inclusion of all parts of communities that face any sort of challenges. Elderly citizens are often excluded in their societies, unable to keep the pace with evolving technology and we must make sure they are not left behind it. It is our duty as a society but also as their children, grandchildren and fellow citizens, to return to them for the knowledge and attention with which they raised us”, said Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia, Ambassador Emanuele Giaufret and added that the European Commission follows a number of initiatives in this direction, including through the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.

More information about training dates are available at the EU Info Center (phone: 011 4045400 on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m).

Everything is easy when you know how!

So let’s help the elderly master the digital world

Background on the campaign:

Campaign under slogan ‘Everything is Easy When You Know How’ is launched by the European Union Delegation to Serbia and will last from 22 January until 19 February. The campaign consists of two platforms – awareness raising (including through TV spots and billboards) and educational workshops. The workshops will be held in Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad, as well as several other cities across Serbia, taking place from February until June 2024.

More Information:

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