Meeting of the Head of EU Delegation and the President of Serbia


President of the Republic of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić met today with the Head of the Delegation of the European Union, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi, to discuss key short and longer-term priority actions related to the rule of law and democratic governance.

President Vučić pointed out that membership in the European Union remains a priority goal of Serbia and that it is necessary to timely inform the EU regarding all the measures that Serbia is taking in the area of the rule of law.
Ambassador Fabrizi expressed appreciation for the useful and constructive meeting and stressed that progress in the Rule of Law and democratic governance is one of the key element that sets the pace of Serbia’s progress in the accession process to the European Union. Welcoming the presence also of the Prime Minister and several cabinet ministers, he underlined that Rule of Law cuts across the different sectors of the government and society as a whole.
Ambassador Fabrizi recalled that Serbia’s Action Plans for Chapters 23 and 24 is a key roadmap for reforms in the Rule of Law area. Its transparent and meaningful implementation is of utmost importance democracy and prosperity of Serbia. He noted that reforms of the judiciary, in the fight against corruption and organised crime, and in the freedom of media are of particular priority.
The two interlocutors emphasised that legislation and strategies should be developed through inclusive consultations of all participants.
“Serbian parliament should officially begin with the second phase of the inter-party dialogue, while the working group for the elections should start implementing the OSCE-ODIHR priority recommendations, with regular consultations with the ODIHR. Also, it is necessary to draft and apply the schedule for key determinants in the process of constitutional reforms,” said President Vučić. He indicated that it is necessary to begin promptly with the implementation of the actions envisaged in the media strategy action plan, which includes the beginning of drafting the amendments to the Law on Public Information and Media.
The drafting of a revised Law on the Financing of Political Activities, in line with ODIHR recommendations is also one of the conditions for Serbia to make faster progress in accession negotiations and make real progress in the rule of law.
It was concluded as necessary to adjust strategies and legislation in other areas of fundamental rights in the accession process like on gender equality and violence against women, and to take substantive and effective steps to fight corruption.

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