Meeting of the HoD and HoMs with the Ministers of European Integration and Justice


Minister for European Integration Jadranka Joksimović and Minister of Justice Maja Popović participated in a meeting with EU Member States Heads of Mission to Serbia and the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Ambassador Sem Fabrizi.

The meeting was dedicated to an exchange in particular on Rule of Law, as an essential element of Serbia’s accession process to the EU.

The Ministers briefed the Ambassadors particularly on the state of play of ongoing and planned reform steps in the judiciary system, protection of fundamental rights, including freedom of media, fight against corruption and organised crime.

The EU side, in supporting the strong commitment of the Ministers, encouraged the government to redouble efforts in this crucial area, paying particular attention to the implementation and results of reforms.

Ambassador Fabrizi reiterated the full commitment of the EU Delegation to Serbia to continue to cooperate closely with Minister Joksimović and Popović to support delivering this key reform agenda.

 ‘We are aware that the new methodology stresses additionally the importance of reforms in the area of rule of law for the accession process, and we are ready to continue with important steps on this path. Serbia has shown to be a solidary and resilient society, and together with EU we are working and will work on the recovery from the consequences of the pandemic’, said Minister Joksimovic

‘Very good results have been achieved regarding automatisation of procedures, in the areas whose normative regulation is within the competence of the Ministry of Justice, and these results reflect directly on the implementation of the revised action plan, which provides a positive contribution to the strengthening of legal security in our country.

The Ministry of Justice has made a lot of steps within the sub-chapter Judiciary, fight against corruption and fundamental rights, which will certainly contribute to the improvement of work and efficiency of the legal system oft he Republic of Serbia and help its alignment with EU standards’, concluded Minister Popovic.


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