This Call aims to support projects of civil society organizations in the field of information and media, whose work is of particular importance for democracy and social participation (e.g. local media, media, media engaged in independent and investigative journalism, as well as others organizations that contribute to the production of news in accordance with the public interest).

Project activities can be aimed at improvement, design of new technical tools, development of management and editorial standards, legal support and audience development, which will result in the following:

  • innovations in business models, content production and distribution;
  • increasing interest in journalism among different social, linguistic and age groups;
  • improving the sustainability of professionally produced journalistic content;
  • increasing the resilience, pluralism and editorial independence of the civil sector media at the European level;
  • improving the use of new technologies, in order to contribute to media pluralism;
  • building a repository of knowledge about media that act in accordance with the public interest (e.g. by discovering areas with a deficit of high-quality content and/or where media pluralism is threatened).

Projects that are focused on areas with low availability of a specific type of news or on media markets where media pluralism is threatened are expected. Also, consideration of the needs of smaller newsrooms is desirable.

What are the basic requirements?

Projects with a maximum duration of 24 months can be submitted to this Call by independent organizations (single beneficiary) or as a consortium of partners consisting of at least two organizations (beneficiaries; not affiliated entities). A minimum of 80% of the projected budget must be used by organizations registered in the European Union – either directly or through support to third parties. Activities must actively provide support in a minimum of four European Union countries. More information on the conditions for applying is available in the official Funding & Tender Opprotunities Call.

Who can apply?

All organizations active in the field of information and media (TV/radio/online production houses, higher education institutions, training centers, trade unions, regulatory bodies, etc.) can apply for this Call. The competition is open to the public, civil and private sectors in the field of information and media. Individuals cannot be tender applicants, with the exception of self-employed persons (selfemployed, sole traders, etc.).

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is 27 April 2023 17:00h Brussels time, and the results are expected in July 2023.

How can we help you?

The Creative Europe Serbia Desk team provides free support in the preparation of the open call application. Sign up to participate in the events we organize or schedule a meeting where we can go through your project proposal together.

Keep in mind a few key tips for applying to this Call:

  • Partnerships should be diverse in terms of the type of organizations that make up the consortium, formed with the aim of exchanging best practices among a wider range of stakeholders, as well as reflecting the needs of different linguistic, geographical and cultural regions of Europe.

• The project idea should be based on specific needs, for which arguments and data can be found in key documents at the European, regional or local level, such as the European Media and Audiovisual Action Plan, the European Democracy Action Plan, the Strategy for the Development of the Public Information System in the Republic of Serbia 2020-2025