Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi discussed today the EU accession process Serbia is going through and the latest developments in the region.

A statement issued following the meeting quotes President Vucic saying that “Serbia will continue to work intensively to implement the EU accession agenda, with a view to opening new negotiating chapters and making swifter progress towards the EU.” In this context, he said, tackling of EU’s existing challenges goes in favour of both Serbia’s progress and its future in the EU.

“You can always count on Serbia as a reliable partner in maintaining stability and strengthening democracy,” President Vucic said, reads the statement issued by his Cabinet.

President Vucic and Ambassador Fabrizi commented on the process of aligning the national legislation with the EU and agreed that the rule of law reform requires a more resolved approach (chapters 23 and 24).

Ambassador Fabrizi said that the process of making constitutional amendments was on the right track.

They agreed that the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue should continue. President Vucic described, however, Pristina’s irresponsible moves, such as attempts at creating the so called Kosovo Police Force, as unacceptable as they pose “a terrible threat to peace,” reads the statement released by the President’s Cabinet.