Contemporary Danes are very loud and determined in their fight for women’s rights, and the result of their activism is the resignation of the mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, which he submitted due to accusations of sexual harassment. During a media trip to Denmark, Politika daily journalist Katarina Đorđević spoke with Signe Gisele Smith, vice-president of the Danish Women’s Association, founded in 1871. Smith says that there is still room for improving the position of women, although according to the gender equality index Denmark ranks second in Europe, and in the latest report of the magazine “U.S. News & World Report” was named the best country in the world for women’s lives and raising children. On the other hand, Tijana Vujadinović, cultural attaché at the Indian Embassy in Copenhagen, where she lives and works for several years now, says that “Denmark is a country tailored to man and all its citizens, not just women.” Find out more in the article.