EU Delegation Met with Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Data Protection


The protection of personal data in Serbia was the main topic of discussion between representatives of the EU Delegation and Commissioner for Information of Public Importance, Milan Marinovic. The delegation was represented by Deputy Ambassador Mateja Norčič Štamcar and Head of Political Section Nora Hajrinen.

The Deputy Ambassador was particularly interested in the challenges posed by the forthcoming implementation of the new Law on Personal Data Protection, as well as in the Commissioner’s initiative to delay the implementation of the document. Representatives of the EU Delegation to Serbia stressed the importance of the Commissioner’s work as an independent institution and expressed the EU’s readiness to assist in its further development, according to a statement after the meeting.

The protection of personal data at European Union level is governed by the General Data Protection Policy (GDPR), which was adopted in 2016 and whose implementation officially began 15 months ago. The rules also apply in the European Economic Area, to which Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway belong. Data privacy is considered one of the basic human rights.

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