Fabrizi: Training in the judiciary is one of the priorities of the EU


EU Ambassador HE Sem Fabrizi had a meeting with the Director of the Judicial Academy of the Republic of Serbia Nenad Vujic. This introductory meeting was aimed at exchanging views on the current activities of the Judicial Academy and visiting to the Judicial Academy new building.

EU Ambassador Sem Fabrizi highlighted that the support to the enhancement of training in the judiciary is one of the priorities of the European Union aimed at promoting the competence and strengthening of confidence in the system of the European values in the judiciary. The occasion to meet the representatives of the Judicial Academy gave a valuable overview of the current situation, also in the context of Serbia’s accession to the EU. This was opportunity to discuss about the Chapter 23 and its Action plan (activities for Judicial Academy), what have been done and future needs and challenges, as well as the draft of the Constitution amendments. The Director of the Judicial Academy Nenad Vujić presented the Annual Report of the Judicial Academy and the method of work of the Academy regarding the new web site and e-Academy and e-Juris.

EU IPA assistance to the Judicial Academy

Rehabilitate of the Judicial Academy premises (expected start date is autumn 2018)The European Union allocated EUR 3 million for the reconstruction process, rehabilitation and remodeling to ensure functional premises for functioning of the Judicial Academy. Regarding the equipment side, that this project will provide the new ICT equipment with technical requirements which will be the most appropriate, aiming to enable the Judicial Academy in performing their the most important role – conducting the initial and continuous training of judges and prosecutors.

New premises for the Judicial Academy shall significantly contribute to increase of quality of the provided education. Moreover, those premises enable introduction of new, advanced forms of education. Furthermore, the building improves quality of work and operational activities of the Academy, enabling, among other things, increase of number of the Academy employees, which is in line with the foreseen strategic documents for organizational and human resource strengthening of the Academy. Therefore, capacity building of the Academy, enabled by adequate premises, indirectly contributes to more efficient and qualified judiciary of the Republic of Serbia.

Technical assistance to enhance the Judicial Academy – The European Union allocated EUR 2 million to support the system of training in the judiciary within the project the „Enhancing educational activities and improvement of organizational capacities of the Judicial Academy “. The main aim of the project that will be terminated in June 2018 is to improve the quality of training of judges and public prosecutors, for handing down of better judicial decisions.

With a team of 52 experts from 7 European countries working closely with the Judicial Academy for more than 2 years, the judicial training system was supported in the following key areas: harmonization with the European Court of Human Rights standards; initial training of future judges and prosecutors; in-service training for judicial office holders, among other fields, in EU Law; new technologies for distance learning and e-academy. The results achieved have significantly contributed to the increase of the capacity of the Judicial Academy and to the further alignment of the court system with EU standards, thus guaranteeing a better-quality justice for all citizens of Serbia.


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