Survey of the Position of Women and Children Started

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia begins its sixth survey on the position of women and children MICS6. The activities are planned from 2nd of September to 10th of November and are being implemented in cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and UNICEF and UNFPA organizations.

MICS is a research program that is prepared on the global level by UNICEF with the support of various UN agencies, and the survey is conducted every five years in collaboration with national statistical institutions.

The survey was first conducted globally in 1995 and has since been conducted in more than one hundred countries. Serbia is one of the few countries that has participated in all previous MICS research cycles.

Various indicators are collected about the position, first of all, of women and children, then of the position of families, the position of marginalized population groups.

MICS is the only source of data for many indicators related to child protection, early childhood education (attending preschool), immunization (vaccination of children), general education, education of the Roma population, then population health, eating habits.

The aim of this research is to help provide indicators that do not exist in administrative sources and data from other research. All data are collected in accordance with the Law on Official Statistics and are published exclusively in aggregate (aggregated), according to the Republic Bureau of Statistics.

Further information:

Data from the latest MICS survey


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