Urban culture against hate speech


Several hundred young people from eight European countries (Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Ireland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Bulgaria and Albania) have learned that creativity incites change through music, photography, graphics and dance. During a 14-month project, titled “Creativity creates changes”, supported by Erasmus+ programme, more than hundred creative activities have been implemented, engaging over 10,000 people, with a goal of fighting against hate speech.

“Through the project “Creativity creates changes,“ 24 youth workers and volunteers have been encouraged to use their creativity to promote social values, such as tolerance, and fight against hate speech.

A total of 450 volunteers from eight countries were engaged in the project, creating 340 graphics and 10 hip-hop songs aimed at conveying antidiscrimination messages in a creative manner,“ said Sanja Tosic, president of KOM 018, the “Creativity creates changes“ project holder, at the closing conference in Nis.

The project was supported by several partner organisations – SPPMD (Macedonia), IDA (Bulgaria), Crveni Kriz Novo Sarajevo – (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Do-Lo-Ri (Albania), Greenways SCE (Greece), Eurobug (Ireland) and Du vent dans les cordes ASBL (DVDLC) (Belgium) and co-funded by Erasmus+ programme.

Coordinator of the Greek organisation Greenways SCE Georgios Farfaras described the project as “a valuable experience made possible thanks to direct involvement of 60 young people and indirect engagement of more than 400 of them.“ His counterpart from the Bulgarian organisation IDA, Aleksandar Petrov, could not hide his satisfaction and said that “2017 produced some of the most successful projects this far“.

Representatives of eight participating countries made a presentation of their project activities at the closing conference in Nis and showcased their hip hop tunes, graphics and photos and thus showed that the battle against hate speech should be fought using creativity as it facilitates the conveying of right messages to their peers.

Learn more about the project activities implemented by activists from Nis and their messages at:

The trainings within the project have been held in Corfu, Greece. Also, the participants paid several visits to EU Info Point in Nis (http://euinfo.rs/sa-raznih-strana-evrope-u-niski-eu-info-kutak/).


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