The Delegation of the European Union supports this year’s 51st FEST, which will feature as many as 14 works by European authors in the competition program! Viewers will be able to vote for the best European film, which will receive the Audience Award.

The winner will be announced on the last day of the festival. If you are at FEST, after the screening, rate the film and vote for the winner!

So far – FEST has had around four million viewers and almost 4000 important world films – which had their Yugoslav/Serbian and often regional premieres. Although the first FEST was held more than 40 years ago, this year it continues with the same energy its great cultural and educational task, expanding the film horizons of all film art lovers.

See the program of this year’s FEST

The European Union is proud to support Serbian cinematography.

Among the films and series supported by the EU funds are some of the most important achievements of the past years – The Father, Impure Blood, The Summer When I Learned to Fly, Strahinja, Zlogonje, Mrak, Mraz, Black Wedding, Area without a signal. These achievements have also received multiple awards, while Impure Blood is the first Serbian film to be on the Netflix streaming platform. The European Union also supports numerous film festivals throughout Serbia.