Students looking for a language course in any language taught in Europe can now check the first platform that lists language learning opportunities for all 24 official European languages. Within StudyPortals, an international study choice platform helping students worldwide to find and compare their ideal education in Europe, the newest EU project aimed at helping people finding available options to learn a new language or improve the one they already have started learning, resulted in Language Learning Portal.

The European Commission also funded the creation of several of student portals through projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme and the Erasmus Mundus programme. The project has resulted in now Europe’s leading study choice platform. Another partners are national institutes and academic associations (e.g. DAAD, Nuffic, CIMO, British Council, ACA, UNESCO).

Having recognize that most people are willing to learn a new language (for academic, professional or personal reasons) but they find it hard to identify all available options, the Study Portals created the Language Learning Portal, which provides comprehensive overview of language courses and schools in Europe.

Students in Serbia now can, along with fellow colleagues throughout Europe, search Europe’s major study choice platform for language courses, co-funded by the European Commission and developed together with Linguaid and LLAS (University of Southampton)

It is the first platform listing language learning opportunities for all 24 official European languages. This portal is developed as part of the “Hello! Home of European Language Learning Opportunities” project under the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (KA2 Languages).

Mission of the project is to motivate and help people to find their perfect language course.

This project is a high-quality initiative that informs students on how to choose a quality course within their budget and helps to understand the different quality labels and accreditations that language schools have.

The various study choice websites by StudyPortals are popular amongst students worldwide, attracting over three million visits per month.

“Many of our visitors want to study abroad, but still need to improve their language skills before they get admitted to a university” says Edwin van Rest, CEO of StudyPortals.

“LanguageLearningPortal will be successful because we already reach many potential language learners and we know how to build useful and popular study choice websites,” he said.

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