Sport in any form, for all ages, and for everyone – is the message of the European Week of Sports, which takes place from September 23 to 30, 2023 under the slogan #BeActive, and the prelude to events throughout Europe was in Novi Sad, at the “Sports for All” festival, held on Saturday, September 16, at Strand Beach.

The initiatives of this year’s European Week of Sport are focused on its three important messages: involvement, inclusion and innovation, which reflect contemporary changes and the directions towards which we strive as a society.

The contents of this year’s ninth European Week of Sports will be held in 40 countries, and various activities are involved – from competitions to challenges. The most important thing is that millions of people come together and have fun thanks to sports.

The eighth “Sports for All” festival brought together and physically launched around 400 men and women from Novi Sad of all generations.

After the ceremonial opening, children had the opportunity to try their hand at various fun games at points across Novi Sad’s Strand beach. The children were distributed at twelve stations, and the program activities at this event were free.

The last point was “Around Europe”, where participants could visit European cities while throwing basketballs into baskets, and the three most accurate ones won prizes.

The European Week of Sports is an event initiated by the European Commission. The goal is the development of sports and physical activity and is aimed at encouraging citizens to engage in physical activity, regardless of age or physical fitness, as well as educating citizens about a healthy lifestyle. The official start of the European Week of Sports will be celebrated in Valencia on September 23 this year.

During the week, numerous sports and educational events will be organised throughout Europe until September 30, and the following topics are dominant: education, workplace, outdoor activities, sports clubs and fitness centres.