1. Climate action, decarbonisation, energy efficiency and industrial symbiosis

Improving strategies and regulation in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy, integrated permits and the GHG emission trading

  • Development of energy efficiency plans for public buildings
  • Development of 5 local low-carbon development strategies
  • Development of energy efficiency plans for 5 public buildings
  • Development of 5 studies for the application of the ESCO model
  • The project will support the development of the studies and co-finance the implementation of at least 12 investments in the field of decarbonisation, use of renewable energy sources and application of the best available technologies by corporate sector and industries
  • Capacity building, information and knowledge exchange, improving cooperation and promotion of the achieved results
  1. Circular economy for resource efficiency and industrial symbiosis
  • Support the improvement of the legislative framework
  • Development of 5 local waste management plans with incorporation of the circular economy principles
  • Identification of the sludge and bio-waste management solutions for 2 municipalities
  • Co-financing of 15 projects of public and private companies in the field of circular economy
  • Capacity building, information and knowledge exchange, cooperation improvement, promotion of the achieved results
  1. Depollution of the environment with strong focus on air quality
  • Development of recommendations for improving the air quality regulatory framework
  • Trainings for local self-governments for development of air quality plans and implementation of the air protection measures
  • Co-financing of at least 5 solutions for reducing air pollution in local self-governments
  • Development of up to 10 local air quality plans
  • Co-financing innovative solutions for cleaner air
  • Conferences and regional capacity building events on air quality
  1. Protecting and investing in biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Development of 3 forest landscape restauration plans and sustainable management of protected areas
  • Establishment of a National Body for Sustainable Afforestation
  • Development of a plan for sustainable management of protected areas
  • Identification of abandoned agricultural land suitable for afforestation (at least 100 hectares in selected pilot sites)
  • Development of 3 feasibility studies for afforestation and implementation of afforestation measures
  • Support to at least 5 civil society organisations in the implementation of measures for protected areas management
  • Support to nature-based solutions
  1. Sustainable food systems for sustainable rural livelihood
  • Recommendations for improving the legislative framework for sustainable food production
  • Training of agricultural producers in sustainable agricultural practices
  • Support farmers to implement measures for organic and environmentally friendly food production
  • Development of a Food Traceability Platform using the blockchain technology

Target Groups

Local self-governments, public and private companies (including also entrepreneurs and startups), non-governmental organizations, scientific research institutions.