Reacting to ongoing attacks on Ombudsman Saša Janković which has been conducted in certain media, the EU stated that “Freedom of expression of media also means responsible reporting”

“Unsubstantiated allegations, especially those based on anonymous sources, are unacceptable whoever may be behind them. Independent institutions and regulatory bodies, including the institution of the Ombudsman, have an essential part to play in ensuring the accountability of the executive in any functioning democracy.

An increasing number of citizens are turning to the Ombudsman to pursue their grievances. Nearly 90 per cent of the Ombudsman’s recommendations made in 2014 have been implemented in particular cases.

It is important that all government bodies co-operate with the Ombudsman and other regulatory bodies in accordance with Serbian law. Strengthening the role of independent regulatory bodies will be an important element in implementing the Government’s Action Plan under Chapter 23 of the accession negotiations.”