The product of the Serbia start-up was voted the best among a total of 13 competitors from around the world, in the category of software services (SaaS) for 2022. It is a competition organized by the ProductHunt website every year in 24 different categories. This year’s winner in the category of software services is the start-up LeadDealta, which launched a special LinkedIn contact management platform.

LeadDelta is a social capital management and network intelligence platform built for the modern professionals. Whether they’re in sales, marketing, fundraising or recruiting, LeadDelta enables its users to organize their business contacts in a way that works for them.

Audience votes around the world have confirmed that this specially designed LinkedIn contact management system is the best innovation solution offered.

It is also interesting that this is the first time that a Serbian start-up has is part of the competition.

It is also important to note that the start-up LeadDelta is one of the first participants of the Katapult programme of the Innovation Fund, whose support helped the accelerate development and improve their business. By participating in the Katapult programme, they received financial and mentoring assistance.

What is the Katapult Programme?

Katapult is the first Serbian acceleration program, which additionally empowers our start-up community to position itself on the global market and thus contribute to the growth and competitiveness of the Serbian economy. Funds for the implementation of the Katapult programme were provided on the basis of a joint investment of the Republic of Serbia, through a loan and technical support from the World Bank in the amount of EUR 7.7 million and grant support from the European Union in the amount of EUR 10 million.

Also, for the continuation of the implementation of the program, more funds were allocated last year – in May, an agreement was signed on providing incentives for the growth of research, innovation and entrepreneurship in Serbia with a total value of EUR 84.5 million.

Katapult Programme is part of the “Serbia Accelerating Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project” (SAIGE), which is dedicated to strengthening innovative entrepreneurship and scientific research.

Funds for the implementation of the SAIGE Project were provided on the basis of a joint investment of the Republic of Serbia, through a World Bank loan and technical support in the amount of EUR 43 million and grant support from the European Union in the amount of EUR 41.5 million.

The SAIGE Project are implemented jointly by the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation, the World Bank and the European Union, and the beneficiaries are the scientific community, scientific research organizations, the innovative economy, as well as the Science Fund and the Innovation Fund.

The European Union’s support for innovation and competitiveness in Serbia is worth more than EUR 200 million for the period from 2014 to this day. The funds intended for this sector are used to encourage the quality of science, innovation and connections with European and international scientists and entrepreneurs, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the Serbia economy.