The “working document” distributed on 7 September to the participants of the Inter-Party Dialogue Serbia is essentially a discussion paper for our next meeting in Belgrade on 17 and 18 September. Its purpose is to try to focus our debates on two key areas: media and election conditions. It indicates possible options.

“As we clearly stated before, a working document is not the same as a political agreement. This document provides possible orientations for the IPD-participants. Not more and not less. However, it is up to the IPD-participants themselves to find an agreement among each other. Our role is to help and to assist on the way towards such an agreement. We want the best for Serbia and are not here to impose any particular views or pre-cooked solutions”, underlined the European Parliament’s facilitators, MEPs Vladimir Bilcik and Tanja Fajon, as well as former MEPs Knut Fleckenstein and Eduard Kukan.

The European Parliament’s facilitators emphasized that they are open to discuss all proposals and concrete suggestions, which can contribute to a better level playing field for political competition in Serbia ahead of the next elections. The objective is to have meaningful, constructive and result oriented discussions in Belgrade and, if possible, to reach a political agreement.