Statement of the European Parliament Delegation Members after Meeting Serbian Political Leaders


A delegation of the European Parliament represented by Mr Eduard Kukan and Mr Knut Fleckenstein visited Serbia on 29-30 of August 2019.

As recently announced by Mr David McAllister, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, the meeting took place in the context of the exploratory mission of the European Parliament on strengthening political dialogue within the National Assembly of Serbia.

The objective of the mission was for the European Parliament’s delegation to “listen” to the Parliamentary leadership and the representatives of the main political parties in order to better understand the political atmosphere in Serbia and to identify any concrete issues that could enhance political dialogue and the political culture in the National Assembly of Serbia.

“We had frank exchanges in our meetings with all political players from the ruling majority parties and the opposition parties, which provided us with a better understanding of the challenges and divisions in the Serbian political scene. We will reflect on these conversations, make suggestions on the follow-up, and remain ready to work closely with all Serbian political parties in the National Assembly.”


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