The European Researchers Night is being held in Serbia for the 14th time, and in addition to numerous activities across the country, a ceremony was held in the Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade, opened by the Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia Emanuele Giaufret, and the Minister of Science Dr. Jelena Begović.

Researchers Night is composed of open and free content, it is initiated by the European Commission in 26 European countries, i.e. in more than 400 cities, including 24 cities in Serbia. The goal of this manifestation is to raise public awareness of the importance and positive role of science for society, by putting researchers in the focus of the wider public. The contents are suitable for all ages, no prior knowledge is necessary.

The EU Ambassador invited all citizens to visit the events within the European Researchers Night.

The Science Fund is one of our key partners to support Serbian scientists. Alongside other important partners, like Biosens Institute in Novi Sad and the Innovation Fund. We committed altogether 31.5 million euro to the Science Fund, but also to support necessary reforms and capacity building of public sector scientific and research institutes, including 16.5 million grants to the scientists who have now been selected. Our focus is to support excellence of Serbian science and research and to enable the brilliant minds this country has to go even further, as part of larger EU Research and Innovation agenda“, Ambassador Giaufret said.

He added that the innovation is essential to Europe’s competitiveness and it helps addressing the challenges of our time such as climate change.

„The EU research and innovation programme – Horizon Europe, with more than 135 million EUR is the largest programme of that kind, and we are happy that Serbia is successful associate country“, Giaufret concluded.

Minister Begović said that Serbia boasts a rich tradition in research and science.

„Many of our researchers and scientists making substantial contributions in their respective fields on a global scale. Their expertise and dedication are unquestionable, and we take pride in their achievements. A significant number of them seek further refinement of their skills in European countries, where they gain invaluable experience. The Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation are dedicated to enhancing the position of scientists, innovators, and researchers in Serbia. We are actively working towards creating an encouraging ecosystem within our country, with the aim of enabling our talented researchers and scientists to return to Serbia and contribute to the development of our scientific community. Our vision is for Serbia to become a centre of excellence in the field of science and innovation, and we are working tirelessly to realize this goal“, said Begović.

Prof. Dr. Biljana Šljukić Paunković, professor at the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, emphasised that the European Researchers Night is an excellent opportunity for the scientists from all over Serbia to present their latest achievements to the broad audience and further to inspire young people to pursue carrier in science.

„With every subsequent year, we reach more municipalities and thus the NIGHT is organised in as many as 24 this year. It is a chance to raise public awareness of the significance of research and its impact on everyday life, highlighting the ongoing research in Serbia and engagement of Serbian researchers in the EU-funded programs“, she concluded.

During the ceremonial opening of the 14th European Researchers Night, the panel “Science and innovation – an opportunity for development” was held, in which the following experts participate: Vladimir Crnojevic, Director of the BioSense Institute, Ivan Rakonjac, Director of the Innovation Fund and Milica Djuric, acting director of the Science Fund.


All participants also had a chance to tour a small showcasing of EU-funded projects which were showcased at the Science museum.

The EU has so far invested EUR 90 million of EU funds to support innovation, accelerating growth and supporting the relevance and excellence of scientific research, including the commercialisation of research. This will ultimately have a positive impact on competitiveness at the national level and technological innovation is considered the main force behind economic growth.



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The European Researchers Night in Serbia is financed by the “HORIZON EUROPE” programme and within the sub-program Maria Sklodowska-Curie. The event is realized through two projects: ReFocuS Art (The Road to Friday of Science and Art), whose coordinator is the Center for the Promotion of Science, in cooperation with the Institute for Biological Research “Siniša Stanković” – an Institute of national importance for the Republic of Serbia, Natural the Faculty of Mathematics from Niš and the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments in Kragujevac, as well as the SciencesCool project (Science on the move – from lab to streets & school), which is coordinated by the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of the University of Belgrade, and the partner in the project is the Institute for Molecular Genetics and genetic engineering at the University of Belgrade.

You can find more information about the contents, locations and timetable of the 14th European Night of Researchers on the official website: .