The Biosense Institute in Novi Sad blended together two important research topics – agriculture and robotics, from which numerous successful projects have emerged so far. The European Union financed the construction of the building for this Institute, and today the EU Ambassador to Serbia, Mr Emanuele Giaufret, visited Biosense.

During his visit to Novi Sad, this year’s European Capital of Culture, he emphasised the importance of innovation in all fields for this city. Giaufret also visited the mayor, Mr Miloš Vučević, and on that occasion he referred to numerous activities that are being implemented in Novi Sad. One of the significant projects is certainly the construction of the Biosense Institute building, which is currently in progress, and which was supported by the EU.

“BioSense gathers the knowledge of all of Serbia and the world in order to face tomorrow’s challenges, such as climate changes, so that we can have better agriculture by using the possibilities of artificial intelligence and robotics. BioSense is really part of the unique European innovation space that we need in order to preserve our future,” said Giaufret during his visit to the Institute.

As pointed out by Mr Vladimir Crnojević, director of the Institute, BioSense is a centre of excellence at the European level that deals with information technologies in biosystems; it is an example of how it is possible to start from scratch, with a good idea and with the commitment of people and with the great support of the state of Serbia and the European Commission, to create something that is the pride of the entire region and Europe.

Thanks to the comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach, the Institute leaves an indelible mark in the international scientific community, which is confirmed by 30 national projects and around 50 international ones.


Most of the projects are from the European Union programmes, such as – Horizon 2020 and ANTARES (H2020), which should turn BioSense into a leading Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Agriculture.

After visiting the BioSense Institute, Ambassador Giaufret spoke with the Mayor of Novi Sad, Mr Miloš Vučević.

The officials referred to the numerous activities that have been carried out in Novi Sad as the current European Capital of Culture and assessed that intercultural dialogue is of great importance for a closer connection of countries in Europe. Better mutual understanding, as they emphasised, also contributes to better relations between countries.


Ambassador Giaufret ended his visit at the Information Centre of the Delegation of the European Union in Novi Sad, the EU Info Point, where he met representatives of the YEA – Young European Ambassadors, and said that it is crucial that young people are engaged in the pre-accession process of Serbia to the European Union, because this is the issue which concerns future generations in particular.