Conclusions after the European Council


Multiannual financial framework, next investment cycle, climate change, enlargement, relations with Turkey, illegal drilling activities in Cyprus economic area and the investigation of MH17 plane crash were the main topic of the European Council meeting.

On enlargement, the Council agreed to revert to the topic before the EU – Western Balkans Summit planned for May 2020 in Zagreb. The Council didn’t decide to open negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania.

“Let me be very clear: North Macedonia and Albania are not to blame for this. And the Commission reports are also clear that both these countries did what they were asked to do. And the adoption of the Prespa Agreement was a truly extraordinary achievement. So both countries have the right to start EU negotiations as of today. They are ready. Unfortunately, a few member states are not ready yet. This is why we didn’t manage to reach a positive decision. Personally, I think it was a mistake, but I will not comment on it further”, the EUCO President Donald Tusk said. He also wanted to encourage the two countries.

“Today I would like to send a message to our Macedonian and Albanian friends: please do not give up. I fully understand your frustration, because you did your share and we haven’t. The EU is a complex political entity, and it is true that sometimes it takes too long to decide. But I have absolutely no doubt that one day you will become full members of the European Union”, he concluded.

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