EUTEKA Network Libraries Teaches Students about the Environment Protection and the EU


Libraries across Serbia, connected by the EUTEKA network, have organized numerous activities during the past days, primarily focused on children.

The elementary school students in Lazarevac, through the activities of their library, learned something new about the protection of the environment and the role of the European Union and participated in the recycling activities. The goal of joining the “Green Week of the EU” event was to inform the youngest users of the library and other fellow citizens through active involvement in one of the programs about EUTEKAs and publications about the EU, according to the library “Dimitrije Tucović” in Lazarevac.

“With the values ​​which are learned at an early age through games and entertainment, children can realize that they are fundamental to the planet. That’s why I was very happy that my daughter had a good time as we collected garbage after the workshop. Because if we just picked up the rubbish behind us, this world would be a much nicer place, “said the mother of one of the participants.

The role of red books in national and international protection of biodiversity was the topic of lecture at the library “Vuk Karadžić” in Kovin.

The lecture was attended by pupils of the 7th and 8th grade of the primary school, as well as students of the second grade of the gymnasium. The aim of the activity was to draw attention to the importance of conserving endangered species in accordance with national and international strategic documents, strategies, laws.

In the “Svetozar Markovic” Library in Zajecar, a part of the exhibition “Greetings from Serbia” was put on display of the localities in Serbia, restored with the help of the EU. The exhibition was created in order to present a part of the rich cultural treasures of Serbia and places in our country that were renovated with the support of the EU: the Fortress in Bač, Jugoslovenska kinoteka in Belgrade, the Rajkova pećina near Majdanpek, the Fortress in Pirot, the Church in Zlatibor, the Golubac Fortress, the Synagogue in Subotica and Felix Romuliana near Zajecar.

Within the accompanying program of the exhibition, an interesting lecture was delivered by dr Jelena Petković from the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš, about the culture of Serbia between tradition and modernization. On this occasion, the audience was able to hear more about how important it is to properly consider the relationship between tradition and modernization.

“It is important to establish a symbiosis, interaction of tradition and modernization, free the tradition of its mythical authority, critically respect the past and cultural heritage in order to create a better present and future,” says Jelena Petković.

On the FB page of the EU Info Point in Niš, you can see more photos from the events from Zaječar.

The National Library in Jagodina organized two events. The pupils from this municipality could compete in a quiz about the European Union, and new details about the member states could find out at the fair organized in the Culture Center of Jagodina.

In the quiz, students of the sixth grade from three Jagodina elementary schools participated, four in each team. The teams competed in knowledge, history, geography, culture, symbols, and values ​​of the EU.

“The event was a complete success, it was an educational and entertaining task”, the library says.

The fair was attended by students from six elementary schools and divided into two parts. In the first, students were presented by twelve European countries. Stands have evoked the spirit and specificity of a particular country by presenting various objects, personalities, and attractions that are characteristic of it. In the second part, a cultural-artistic program is presented, through which, through poetry, poetry, and play, the differences, and communion among the peoples of European countries are conceived.

Students from the 5th to the 8th grade of elementary schools from the municipality of Nova Varoš participated in a literary and visual competition in April and May, organized by the Jovan Tomić library. On Thursday, May 16, the best ones were awarded. The aim of the event is to familiarize children with the importance of preserving the natural environment.

The Ljubomir Nenadović Valjevo Library for students of secondary schools organized a presentation highlighting the advantages of joining the EU. A short animated film by David Mitchell “The History of the EU” was also released. Also, various issues related to the EU were debated, while the final presentation was a personal experience of one Erasmus + moderator.

The National Library “Sveti Sava” in Arandjelovac in cooperation with Primary School “Milan Ilić Čiča” organized a visual workshop and an exhibition “Nature Keepers”, where pupils from the second to the fourth grade exhibited their artwork.

Drawings and objects were made from recycled materials (old paper, plugs, wood, chips, plastic bottles and glasses and similar materials), but they also painted untouched parts of nature from their surroundings. After that, they also heard a lecture on the topic “EU and Nature Keepers”. In the second part, students talked about how and why to preserve nature and watch the works of their fellows.

“Education of pupils and creating awareness about the importance of preserving the environment, today is especially important. Environmental laws have a huge impact on our lives by improving water and air quality, protecting nature and encouraging recycling. The goal is that our editions are aligned with European laws, and children from the early years learn and educate themselves in that sense, “the organizers said.

“Do not throw garbage, plant flowers”, a message from children from the preschool institution “Cigra” from Sombor from a workshop in the EUteka project. The workshop was held at the Children’s Department of the City Library “Karlo Bijelicki” in Sombor.

The children were first explained the general terms in the field of environmental protection, they were read out by ecological instructions and looked at the short children’s show that deals with these topics. They themselves made conclusions about what is recycling, who pollutes nature and how they then decide what to draw. The banner painted an important message to the citizens of Sombor at the beginning of the text and followed the drawings.

EUTEKA is a network of 48 public libraries throughout Serbia that offer their visitors publications and information on the European Union. This initiative was jointly initiated by the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the National Library of Serbia by signing the Memorandum of Understanding in 2014, and this partnership was joined in 2015 by the Office for European Integration of the Government of the Republic of Serbia. EUTEKA activities this year are part of the EU Delegation Campaign in Serbia and the EU Info Network #EUzaTEBE.


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