The film ”Honeyland” follow the story of the importance of biodiversity and the role of beekeeping in preserving our planet. With numerous awards and nominations, including two Oscar nominations, this documentary offers insight into our connection with nature and the need for a sustainable approach to life on earth. The audience had the opportunity to watch this film at the BeeCenter located within Silos, which hosted this inspiring screening as part of the EU Green Week.

As we face increasing challenges such as droughts and floods, the theme of this year’s EU Green Week – water resilience – is becoming essential. Citizens across the continent recognize the urgency of protecting and preserving our water resources, and in Serbia, EU Green Week emphasizes the fight for cleaner and better-quality water as a key goal.

“We are very happy to show the award-winning Macedonian film ‘Honeyland’ as part of our ongoing EU Green Week in Serbia. It’s an ode to a vanishing way of life, one where human beings are able to live in harmony with nature, taking as little as possible and making the most of it. “Take half, leave half” – the instruction the main character Hatidze repeats throughout the film – carries a powerful message of the fragile balance we maintain with the natural world, and how easily that balance can fall apart.”, emphasized Plamena Halacheva, Deputy Ambassador of the European Union in the Republic of Serbia.

David Mardešić from the BeeCenter – the centre for breeding and promotion of bees, emphasized that the vision of the Honey Garden is to become an educational centre and a place where beautiful stories are created, but also where all the knowledge and experience they have is selflessly shared, while Stanko Rajić from the Belgrade Association of Beekeepers Also addressed the audience. This event was not only an opportunity to watch an exception film, but also to raise awareness, initiate dialogue and promote solutions to the challenges we face.

The European Union supports Serbia in achieving the goals of environmental protection and climate action, providing support in order to achieve EU standards. The transition to a clean, circular economy and the fight against climate change are priorities that will enable the creation of a more sustainable future. Through partnership with member states, international organizations, civil society and the private sector, Serbia works to achieve these goals and improve the quality of life of all citizens.

The European Union is a global leader in environmental protection and supports Serbia on its path to a healthier environment. With more than EUR 580 million in grants invested in environmental protection and climate action in Serbia, the EU is the largest donor in this field in the country. Find more information on EU support in the environment sector here, and details on EU Green Week here.