The EU PRO development programme has launched a Public Call for Proposals for Introduction and Development of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The Call, for which the European Union has allocated EUR1.2 million, runs through 30 December 2018 with all 99 local self-governments from the regions of Sumadija/Western Serbia and Southern/Eastern Serbia legible to apply.

The Geographic Information Systems will provide the local self-governments with a single tool for collection, processing and management of geospatial data using modern IT technologies, allowing them to improve development planning and resource management and attract potential investors.

“The introduction of GIS will improve the operation of local governments, as the institutional networking and unified databases will enable a more efficient provision of services to citizens, investors and other beneficiaries. Additionally, it will contribute to improved land management and assessment of socio-economic potentials of towns and municipalities,” said Graeme Tyndall EU PRO Programme Manager.

Through the EU PRO programme, the European Union will support the introduction and development of GIS by procuring software and hardware, and other necessary IT equipment, and provide training for employees in local administrations. GIS institutional framework and operating procedures will also be set up over the course of the project as well as cooperation among relevant institutions dealing with spatial data at the local and national level.

Projects submitted by individual local self-governments may be awarded up to EUR100,000, whereas those submitted in partnerships between two or more local self-governments may receive up to EUR150,000. Local self-governments must secure at least 15 per cent of the total project value.

EU PRO will hold several info sessions and trainings for all interested applicants from 12 November to 7 December 2018. More information on info sessions venues and dates will be published on the EU PRO website. Application forms can be found at EU PRO- Public Calls.

The European Union supports the activities of the EU PRO, a programme aimed at promoting a more balanced socio-economic development of Serbia, with a total of EUR25 million. The programme seeks to improve competitiveness of micro and small enterprises and the business environment and to advance social cohesion in 99 local self-governments in two Serbian regions: Sumadija and Western Serbia, and Southern and Eastern Serbia. All activities on the ground are implemented by the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).