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“EU for Serbia” is the title and motto of the campaign launched jointly by the EU Info Centre in Belgrade and the EU Delegation to Serbia in early May to bring citizens closer to results of the assistance the EU has been continuously providing since 2001.

The EU has so far provided more than €3 billion in assistance, making it the biggest donor in Serbia. On average, Serbia receives some €200 million per annum. The decision on which sectors would receive the non-refundable aid is made together with Serbian authorities and the aid is then implemented through projects.

EU assistance, implemented together with national institutions, local self-governments, business associations and NGOs, has yielded results in all aspects of life, from education, social policy and support for refugees to energy and environment.

Key words describing the cooperation are reflected in values shared commonly by the EU and Serbia. This is why the EU Info Centre, the EU Delegation and two EU Info Points (in Nis and Novi Sad) have undertook various activities to provide citizens with more information by arranging photo exhibitions depicting successful projects, setting up billboards across cities and organising media workshops and debates. Detailed information is available on the web-sites of the EU Delegation – www.europa.rs, the EU Info Centre – www.euinfo.rs, and EU Info Centre and EU Info Points’ social media accounts.

Breakdown of assistance by sectors, in €:

– Health: 150 million
– Education: 70 million
– Support for refugees and IDPs: 74 million
– Social policy: 213 million
– Rule of law: 56.2 million
– Cross-border cooperation programmes: 91 million
– Support for CSOs: 48.5 million
– Support for media: 36 million
– Support for energy sector: 555 million
– Support for competitiveness, innovation and SMEs: 107 million
– Agriculture and food safety: 100 million
– EU support for flood relief: 172 million
– Support for migrants and refugees: 80 million
– Environment: 361 million

EU assistance per sectors, in graphics

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