IPARD in Focus – Tradition, Present and Future


The European guidelines for IPARD III, the negotiating position for Chapter 11 – Agriculture and Rural Development in the negotiations on joining the European Union, as well as women who have improved their farms using IPARD incentives, these are the topics of the new two-month bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

The Ministry announces new opportunities for farmers in the next programming period from 2021-2027, i.e. within the IPARD III program.

“The significant place in the IPARD III Programme will have young farmers, organic farming and all investments that are in line with the Green Agenda, which is, in certain measures, reflected as the additional intensity of support for investments by young farmers, investments in mountainous areas, investments in the field of organic farming, circular economy investments, waste management and waste water treatment and investments in renewable energy sources”, the bulletin states.

IPARD also brings the information that after fulfilling the opening benchmarks in the Chapter 11 – Agriculture and Rural Development, the Republic of Serbia has started drafting the Negotiating position in this field. .

Also, those interested can find the stories of women who have succesfuly applied for IPARD funds. The example of Radenka Zivanovic, who is 63 years old and bought a new tractor, stands out.

“She submitted application for project approval for IPARD subsidies for Investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings in the procurement of a new tractor within the Second Public Call. A new John Deer tractor has renewed successfully her holding. IPARD support has been crucial in her decision to enter into this serious and high-value investment in mechanisation, necessary for progress of every farm”, it is written in the bulletin that you can find at this link.


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