In the framework of the cooperation between the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia and the European Parliament, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Vladimir Orlic and MEPs Vladimir Bilcik and Matjaz Nemec expressed at the meeting today their readiness to continue the cooperation in the areas of parliamentary dialogue support and strengthening Parliament’s capacity and role in the European Integration process, with the joint co-facilitation. They underlined the importance of exchange of experience and good practices between Serbian and European parliamentarians in the upcoming period.

“We came to Belgrade with an objective to discuss with the Parliament’s leadership and representatives of parliamentary groups the need of dialogue support inside the National Assembly and how the European Parliament’s engagement could contribute to the strengthening the role of the Parliament and promote the European culture of dialogue and consensus building. Participation of the parliamentary groups in that regard is welcomed. Citizens’ trust in parliament is crucial for tackling the challenges of every democratic society”, stated MEPs.

“The cooperation between the National Assembly and the European Parliament is an important element of the European Integration of Serbia, therefore the National Assembly is welcoming the EP’s engagement in exchange of experience and good practices, by supporting the parliamentary dialogue and consensus building that could further strengthen the Parliament in its work. Over the past years, we have ensured best electoral conditions and strengthened the pluralism in the NARS, as the institution committed to developing an open and inclusive dialogue”, stated Orlic following the meeting with MEPs.